Our Thai 3-week Itineriary on Islands


Finally, I would like sum up our 3-week itinerary in this post in case you would like to follow our journey. This post contents all information incl. hotels we stayed in, transfers and restaurants and can highly recommend.

Other dedicated posts go into more details to explain every destination we visited. Chronologically:
Palm forrest at Suan Maprao

Island Hopping

Island hopping is very easy in Thailand. And it is even easier among northern islands because everything is very close in this area. Even though I had not found much information and we handled all transfers as we arrived except one which was the first transport since we went directly from the Trat airport to Koh Chang island. Usually, we never take a boat and airplane in one day based on our experience from Indonesia but Thailand is more organised in my experience.

Here are the concrete companies we traveled with:

Ferry transfer from Trat airport to Koh Chang
Vehicle ferry - transfer from the airport in Trat to the resort in Koh Chang. The minibus picks you up at the airport and takes you to the ferry harbour. The ferry journey takes only 45 minutes. After the minibus takes youth the resort at Koh Chang. This was a very convenient transfer.

Speedboat transfer from Koh Chang to Koh Mak
We decided for a speedboat to go to Koh Mak. We were picked up at the resort at Koh Chang. We even called the transfer company since the driver was a bit late. They spoke English very well. Even though the driver did not speak English as well as the people in the harbour, we managed to get on board. The harbour was tiny probably because it was only harbour for the speedboats. The journey took 30 minutes and it was a ride... I love speedboats since it is a great experience - wind flowing, boat jumping on the waves and the ocean is refreshing.

Transfer from Koh Mak to Koh Kood 
There are 3 companies operating the transfer and each handles different pier (as usual in Asia). We decided to go by the Boonsiri catamaran since it was the closest pier to our hotel and the catamaran left the latest and we loved our stay in Koh Mak. The journey takes only 1 hour.

Since we liked the service we travelled with them also from Koh Kood to That.

Local transport - only a motorbike


We like to get spoilt sometimes as well as we try to travel on budget. The accommodation is nice in Thailand. We usually seek quiet places and I am a fan of smaller boutique hotels which might be tricky to find.

From our holidays I would like to highlight Little Moon Villa because it was a heaven. Breakfast was incredible. We could choose from simple menu however the serving was amazing and the portions were very big with tasty fruit and nice tea. Our chalet was clean and smelt like lemongrass since it is the protection against mosquitoes. The staff is very friendly.
I can also recommend massage because the therapists come to the resort and the massage takes place on the beach directly.

Our stay in Koh Kood was in different mode since the Suan Maprao resort is owned by a local guy who is amazing - very friendly, kind and helpful. I can highly recommend this place.

Other accommodation I would like to mention is Glur Hostel. It is our favourite place in Bangkok since its location - close to the street food market, to the river transport as well as subway. I would recommend paying a higher price for the room as we did during our first stay. Last time we did not sleep over there but we wanted to have a place where to store luggage and take a shower before our flight back to Europe because the flight was at midnight. From that reason we paid the lowest price per room and it was what we paid for. The room was very tiny with a fan and no window, no closet etc. Otherwise the hostel is very good.

The last but not least I would like to mention our stay in Basar Guest House in That. It was the cheapest accommodation but it was very friendly, pleasant and lovely stay at local family. There are many cool hostels in That but this one is amazing.

The Best Food on Islands 

Oh! This is so hard to take briefly because I am a foodie and there are many great places in Thailand. This is just the list:

Breakfast at Villa

Breakfast at Villa

Breakfast at Villa

Thai Sabai

Pad Thai at Food Art Hut

Thai cuddles at Food Art Hut

Ice Coffee at Food Art Hut

Avo toas at Food Art Hut

Island Gelato

Bancheongkao Kohkood

Bancheongkao Kohkood

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