Khao Yai National Park with Wild Life


After more than 2 weeks on the beaches with the whitest sand the the best crystal clear water we got back to Bangkok. Since we have been to Bangkok already, we decided to take a trip to the Khao Yai National Park.

We have searched online discussions and blogs to get more info about going to the park individually. This article is a great source for information

In the end we decided for the safe option with a guide since our flight was quite close and we did not want to solve any last-minute issues.

We manage to organise our trip by ourselves however we booked accommodation that provided guided tours - Bobby's Jungle Tours. We chose a whole-day trip.

As we travelled to Pak Chong individually, we decided for train. As Alex recommends in her article, we chose faster trains. And after communication with our guide we bought following tickets:
Express Train 71
10:05 - 13:25

Super Express Train 21 (way back, the next day)
19:48 - 22:40

This allowed us to stay at Bobby's only one night which was enough. But you can stay longer and enjoy more trips in the park since the area is huge.

As I am a very organised person and it is not possible to buy tickets for the train online (or it was impossible in 2018), we went to the main Bangkok station one day before the trip to avoid crowds, misunderstanding or anything that could complicate the trip. In the end it was not so necessary because travelling by train in Thailand is quite easy.

Bangkok Main Train Station

We prepared a piece of paper with times and trains we wanted to go to make the purchase easier as much as possible because I still remember my travels in China where no-one spoke English. In the end we spent only few minutes in the train station - no queue and clear communication since the staff speak English very well and they helped us to buy the tickets. Everything was smooth, calm and friendly. The train station is quite small and it is really easy to find what you need. Nice surprise because after traveling in China I am usually more reserved and I prefer to be prepared.

In the train

On the road

We prepared healthy snacks to the train and it was really chilled journey. We arrived on time. The driver from Bobby's picked us up. In the afternoon we went from the accommodation to a cafe Doi Cheang Coffee nearby. The journey was not so pleasant since the main road is quite busy but it took only few minutes. I also went for a food massage which was relaxing. In the end we bought some snacks in the mall and went back to the resort where we had dinner.

My Thai Massage Ladies

Bobby's Jungle Tours is owned by German and it is named by the owner's son. The whole estate seems to be run by the local family. The guide was Ben and his mum cooks in the kitchen. The food was tasty and our chalet was small but nice. Only hot water did not run which we survived for one night.

The best was the tour. I am very glad we decided for the local guide. It was also Ben's effort which made our trip so amazing and I will always remember it. Ben is a long man and he loves nature and knows a lot about wild life. He explained us many things and even brought heavy encyclopaedias with information about fauna and flora. He was also very entertaining and give us advice what to do and not.

At the park entrance 

The park is huge thus we went by a truck to the jungle. Firstly, we drove quite long time to see family of orang-utans or other animals such as macaques, wild chickens, spiders, etc. Then we reached the main centre where we had a rest for a while before our walk in the jungle.

Ancient trees

The jungle track is ca. 2.5 km but as we did not follow the road it took us almost 3.5 hours. We stopped several times as Ben showed us toucan family or we went to a tree to find a snake couple. In the end we walk to a tower to enjoy view at the park and might see elephants (but we found only the foot prints).

View Point

After hiking they took us to a camp for modest lunch. We could chose from 3-4 options and as typical we got watermelon as refreshment. After we continued and visited to waterfalls - one is even famous for the Beach movie with Leo and the other is magnificent.

Beach waterfall


However it was still not the end of the trip even though we though so. Ben and our driver worked together to reach elephants. Unfortunately, their usual spots were abundant. But still we had a chance to see the scorpion and tarantula. And still it was not the main highlight.


We were already on the trucks to leave the park but suddenly one of our fellow tourists said: "I see the elephant. Look!" I thought he was joking but no... The elephant was real. It was beautiful experience to get closer to the wild elephant but the local family was not so excited.

Wild elephant

Wild elephant

After a moment of taking pictures we got on the trucks to leave the park. I still remember the journey. The sun was setting down and the atmosphere was full of experience, unique emotions, gratitude and even huge admiration of the mother nature.

This trip was so worthy and I highly recommend anyone to go. We saw many wild animals and Ben showed us many beauties and explained who the life in the wild forrest goes.

Before we got on the train in Pak Chong, we got 20 minutes to get our dinner. Fortunately, there was a street food market. We run there and in 5 minutes bought dinner, drinks and sweets. It was one of the best meals I had during the holiday - fried dumplings and buns with nuts and incredible sauce.

We almost got on a wrong train but the crew stopped us and in English explained that the train is still coming. This only confirms that Thai people are used to tourists, speak English very well and they are incredible friendly.

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