Bangkok Highlights... Literally


Since we visited Bangkok in 2017 we were not in the mood the visit the monuments and we even made our stay in Bangkok shorter and went to Khoa Yai which I can highly recommend. But still there were fews highlights we experienced.

We stayed in a skyscraper with a roof-top swimming pool. That was one of the reasons I chose this accommodation. Even though we did not spend much time in the apartment the swimming pool was too tempting. The day we visited the swimming pool was cloudy but it was worthy.

Bangkok Skywalker

If you are in Bangkok, roof-top bar is a must. There are many and we chose Octave since its location. I liked the place but it might be too over-recommended and I do not know why I just did not feel so comfy there even though the drinks are great. But the view is worthy. Come during the sunset and enjoy this unique atmosphere. Better to have reservation and do not forget to keep the dress code.

View from Octave roof-top bar

Drink at Octave

Last place I would like to mentions is Toby's which is a nice restaurant. Bangkok is becoming very trendy and hipster. You can find many cool restaurants, cafes or bistros as well as typical street food. It is always great to combine it.

Vegan dinner at Toby's

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