The Beaches with the White Sand on Koh Koot Island


Last Island of our Thai holiday in 2018 was Koh Koot. Honestly, after staying one week in beautiful and chilled Koh Mak I was really sad to leave this tiny island. I was even thinking of prolonging our stay in Koh Mak and skipping Koh Kood. However, I am glad we decided to go to Koh Koot because  we found the tropical paradise there. Let’s deep dive into this island.

Even though the islands are so close, I can say that every has different vibes. Koh Kood offers many white sand beaches which was a nice surprise. Koh Kood does not have hipster, chilled places such as Koh Mak. But you can find many Thai authentic venues and more luxurious spots. Honestly, I must say I thing we found there the best beach.

Lantern Festival

Firstly, let me talk about a unique experience thanks to the local celebration. As we arrived to Koh Kood, Thai celebrated Loy Krathong - Thailand Lantern Festival. Owner of the guesthouse we stayed in recommended to us to visit this festival which celebrates the end of rainy season. It is very magical festival since Thais prepare lanterns to let them go enlightened into the sea.

Thai prepare big mostly floral ships. It is like competition. One is on the picture below.

The lantern

The owner of the guest-house arrange not only transport for us, but also gave us our lantern which we released into the water. It was great fun and grateful experience.

Thai wear their traditional suits and dresses and they look beautiful. The celebration is supported by the traditional music, other performances and of course by great food. We got huge cocktail and tried sushi and pancake. 

The whole evening made us feel very special.

The Beaches and Sunsets

There are many beaches in Koh Kood (mostly on the west coast) and we visited 4 of them. First day we went to the long Klong Chao Beach which was close to our resort and we could approach it by food. This beach is long with white sand and some luxurious resorts, which make it quite busy. Thus we preferred to find a more calm place the next day. However we came back one day to enjoy the sunset which is incredible there.

Klong Chao Beach

Sunset at Klong Chao Beach

The next day we took the motorbike and went south to the beach close to the Sunshine resort. The beach is beautiful nevertheless it did not offer us the shelter as we experienced at Koh Mak. And sadly the beach was bit spoilt. Even though I cleaned the beach every time I walked other people did not care which was quite sad.

Beach at the Sunshine resort 

Happy Monkey at the Beach

I can not remember how I got the idea or recommendation for the last beach we visited. There is only one resort named Neveland and it is not full. This beach is very cosy and still a hidden gem. Even though there are not such facilities as we had in Koh Mak, the water is the best... crystal clear and warm. It was the paradise we came for.

Since we found it, we were in love and we did have no intention to leave it and we visited it every day. Even though the journey was quite challenging since the road is just soil or sand and it take ca. 2 km to get there from the main road. But it is worthy to manage it. Usually the tough things bring incredible experiences, don't they? :)

The road did not discourage us to leave the beach in the middle of the day to go for lunch since the resort restaurant was not good. We had there the weakest Pad Thai. But for coffee or cold drinks it is great. Fortunately, Bancheongkao warung is very close. You just need to survive the (no)road.

The sunset at the beach is incredible. Just be aware of sand flies.

Road to the beach

Our beach

Cafe at the beach

The perfect sunset

If you go to Koh Kood, do not miss the Sunset Beach for the sunset. You can go to the fancy Koh Kood resort at the beach and stay the whole afternoon there to get luxurious experience. However, the beach itself is not the best but the sunset is worthy visiting if you want to enjoy the sunset with glass of cocktail in your hand.

Sunset beach

Sunset beach

Sunset beach

Places to Eat & Drink - to Get Local or Spoilt

As I mentioned in the beginning, we did not find so many cool restaurant as we did in Koh Mak. However, there are many local places and more luxurious as well. I would like to highlight some of them.

First is Bancheongkao Kohkood where we had great lunch. This local place we found thanks to positive reviews in Google Maps. This place run a family - a young girl is the waiter and her older relatives cook or take care of the accommodations they offer. We visited the place several times during our stay and we were never disappointed.

Lunch I at Bancheongkao

Lunch II at Bancheongkao

The best BBQ was in Khao Kaeng - also local family cooks and takes care of the business. Come the during evening.

One evening we also visited Chiang Mai restaurant. This place is also local and I felt there very well. It is very basic and modest but we enjoyed the food. The portions are huge.

We also had dinner in our resort Suan Marpoa and my boyfriend says it was the best Pad Thai ever.

As I already mentioned, to get spoilt we went for coffee and drinks to Koh Kood Resort. We stayed there the whole afternoon and enjoyed the great sunset of the island with great cocktail in our hand. However, the beach is quite limited.

Sunset cocktail at Koh Kood Resort / Sunset beach

Our Resort in the Middle of Palm Trees

Last but not least, I would like to mentioned our Suan Maproa Ko Kut Resort where we stayed in. It was a local experience and I still feel great gratitude to the owner because he made our stay so comfy and pleasant. He welcomed us with fresh coconut and explained everything about the island. He was very helpful with everything. I would recommend anybody to stay there although the beach is quite far and the best vehicle is the motorbike.

But still our little villa in the middle of palm trees was so cosy and the place for breakfast was lovely as the owner. And about the Pad Thai dinner I already wrote.

Thank you!

 Suan Marpoa Ko Kut Resort

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