Prague, Hello Spring


After such a long time, here it is again... A sunny weekend in Prague. The temperatures are above 10 degrees even though it is still February. Thanks to the sun, the flow of the positive energy in my body, brain and soul is incredible.

Lately, I just chilled ate home and appreciated the hygge vibe that occurred in the past years on trend. For me quite unusual since I have been always on move. But this winter I was mostly lazy and stayed  at home during weekends. I cooked, read books, watched Netflix, listened to music via my new Google Home or practiced yoga... and I was happy. Few times, I went to Kunratický les for a walk but I did not spend much time in the centre.

The sun made me change it. I took a book (btw. a very good book - autobiography by Donna Karan), sunnies and red lipstick and headed to the city centre.

And I realised again how much I love Prague. I also visited some places... not new in the city but new for me... Finally! I felt like leaving my comfort zone which made me feel great.

My favourite spot in Prague - view from Vyšehrad to Prague Caste

This view made me almost cry - finally sunny

Tapas in Špejle

Firstly, I met my friend in my favourite Špejle on Saturday. Špejle is oldie but I am a huge fan of this concept. This bistro offers tapas mostly "chlebíčky" in Czech and some hot small dishes. Your payment is based on number of sticks you eat which is pretty simple math.

I like their Gin & Tonic selection. However, I usually go for wine by Horák - Czech fine white wine.

Chai Latte in Kofárna & Pastry from Artic Bakehouse

I am also a huge fan of chai latte even though I am not an expert. Not anymore, after my chai-latte experience in Kofárna. This short visit changed everything. Their creamy fluffy chai latte full of spicy tastiness is the only chai latte I will ever want. 

To make it even more heavenly, we bought "šnek" in Artic Bakehouse around the corner. This combo is the best. And be sure you do not need dinner after such snack. Luckily, I walked that day a lot :)

Chai Latte & Šnek Combo

Artistic Vibes in SmetanaQ

Finally, I had the chance to meet this hyped cafe named SmetanaQ - mostly popular among young hipsters and art students. Honestly, it is a great place for coffee and work or in my case reading. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photo... A busy, reading girl... :)

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