See You Later, Alligator Map


I would like to start posting tips from my last holidays by this post. We spent 3 weeks in Indonesia (mostly Bali) and I am full of great experience I would like to share.

I had created a map and itinerary before we left the Czech Republic based on my talks to my friends and online search. I managed to balance traveling & chilling which is the core while I travel.

See the map I created. It shows all places I can recommend. My original map with all tips was more complex but of course we were not able to visit everything. But I like to have overview and options and decide based on current mood and situation. There are all good places marked in the map. :-)

You can find:
- resorts we stayed in marked by a house.
- places we visited marked by a star.
- restaurants/cafes we ate in marked by green. 

Also, read my 3weeks itinerary to get to know more :-)

So see you later, alligators!

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