London Calling


I am so excited! I am going to London for a longer weekend in few days! It is not my first trip to the UK capital since I spent there couple of days in 2011. However, this time it is going to be different. I am travelling with my mum who is going to fly for her first time! :-) I can't wait to enjoy some time with her and have a girlie trip which is a family gift for her because she has turned 50.

The trip is going to be a mixture of sighseeing, well eating & drinking and shopping but in an easy-going way. It was like a marathon last time but now we are having four full days to enjoy this cosmopolitan city.

I am looking forward to doing many things... Thus I have created a map and marked all important points to keep the track :-) It is pretty full but we are not going to visit all of them. Please check it out under the link.

  • Blue drops are monuments
  • Stars are shopping malls
  • Cultery represents places such as restaurants (mid-class), street markets and cafes

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