Longer Weekend at Lago di Como


It has been a while since my past post... Exactly one and half year... Since then lots of new things have happened. The most significant change was that I found a new job which also influenced my blogging (limited it to zero activity). But I am coming back to it... And I am starting with this highly awaited trip to north of Italy. I put down my notes on the highway while going home after a short and intense trip to the Lake Como in Italy. 

The idea of going to Como had been fluffing in my mind countlessly during last years. Even before Míra started studiing in Alessandria. However, there had been always something what had inhibited us. But not this year... We booked our hotel 2 weeks before departure and it was brilliant idea for many reasons....

First, although I love travelling I haven't travelled much lately which makes me feel frustrated. Second, my job is busy.... So busy that I do not concentrate to other things. When you take a day off you realise that the job is not the most important thing in the world and besides you have time to think about yourself and your dreams and think if you are on the right path. And last but not lease that holidays make you relax.

I love Italy. I have been there several times (except for Rome.... I save the capital for later) and have been never disappointed. Italy is a great destination of holidays because of the easy-going atmosphere. Even if you are in the traffic jam running late for the train, you just feel alright. Italians are very friendly to strangers and always approach you to know if you are OK.

This trip was like a reward for me. We left the Czech Republic on Friday. The whole day took us to get to our final destination. We stayed in a very pleasant, family hotel Albergo Rosa in Carenno between Bergamo and Lecco which we visited the first night... Lecco itself is one of many venues on the Lake. We had apperitivo for dinner in a small restaurant close the Lake. We paid too high price just for the view however the dish was so so.... But our temper went up after stopping by at the Grom gelateria. This is a chain of small places where you get the best ice-cream all over the world. Highly recommended!

Colours of Varenna and Bergamo

The next day was full of entertainment.... We went to Bellagio first. From this cozy place we took a ferry to Varenna where we spent the whole afternoon. The ferry goes frequently and one-way costs ca 5 Euro and the journey takes only 10 min. Prepare your camera on the boat for nice view since the houses on the coast are small and colourful.
From the boat

We went along the water to reach a small and nice cafe where we ordered the tasting menu comprising of the ice-cream, cookies and sweet desert wine and cappucciono with apricot cake. We stayed longer than expected in this cafe... Enjoying the delicacies and the view.

Tasting menu

After, we went through the city and we found a very small beach where we settled for a while just to chill, swim and sleep. When it started getting crowded we left for lunch. We explored several spots to anchore in the first of them..... As usual.... But the choice was good. Míra ate pizza and me the sea salad. After, we walked for a while through the city to reach the Villa Monastero with its fabulous botanic garden. We paid for the entrance ca 7 Euro. The money was spent wisely because the garden brings you back in ages and you feel like we could meet Ceasar in the ancient temple.

Colours in Varenna
When the ferry took us back to Bellagio, we wanted to go to beach but it was quite late thus we headed to our next location - Bergamo. We already visited Bergamo in February 2 years ago. We had stopped there for a day trip when Míra had been on his way to Alessandria. We even had liked the city more than Milan with its fancy boulevards and famous duomo. Opposite to the opulent city, Bergamo is marvellous. I will never forget the castle and the little streets. This time we didn't have the whole day but only few hours before the sun set. We found a great Italian place for aperitivo - Tresaldi. This place was amazing due to great food, drinks, staff and its guests involving hen party, trendy ladies in 50th, families and friends. After we went to the main street, which was closed because of the festival in respect to Expo 2015 running in Milan area. The streets were crowded by people watching dancers from Bolivia or from the local ballet school. This mixture of cultures was amazing.


Relax in the lido in Como

Sunday is a lazy day and as the name conceals.... We went to the beach to get some sun. The Como Lake is great for swimming expect to its south part.... Due to industry, the water is quite dirty. Fortunately, there are several baths called "lido" around the lake. We chose one in Como - Villa Olmar to spend the whole day. Lido differs from the equipment. This was pretty small but equipped by veeery small swimming pools, playground, restaurants.... We arrived at 11 when the umbrellas run out. But we weren't disappointed. We found a place in already too crowded beach. I thought I would not be capable to survive more than 1 hour but in the end we enjoyed the beach the whole afternoon. Our fellows were fortunately always away and we had a least little peace. I was only amazed by a big group of Italians drinking prosecco ad the rule of bathing caps.... Italians are fency and stylish but they all were these funny bathing caps in lido.

The weather turned rainy in the evening but it didn't discourage us from the city walk. Como city is very interesting. The coast is unbelievable. We admired the narrow streets and the duomo as well as the harbor.


Monday was the last day and we spent too much time in the shops.... I love fragolino... I brought one bottle from my last visit in Toscana which was not enough.... I will rather not reveal how many bottles we took in our car this time.... But I had to take a piece of Italy with me in case takes me another 2 years to get back.

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