Where to find a shop in Duga Uvala


As I mentioned in the previous post, Duga Uvala is a very small complex without any facilities. Although there are 2 shops, their range is really limited and they even don´t offer fresh fruits & vegetable. But no worries! You can find some shop in surroundings.


We visited this shop just once right after our arrival to Duga Uvala. It was OK but if you want to go shopping and buy delicacies, go to Pula, where you can find lots of shops (e.g. Billa, Kaufland are marked by sings and it is easy to access them). We went shopping to Pula always, when we wanted fresh fruits & vegetable, milk (Croatian milk is really divine) & dairy products, ham etc. And of course, it was much cheaper than in smaller shops in the villages.


This is a small village became our favourite spot because of two unforgettable venues. The first is a lovely wine-grower, who let you taste homemade wine. He offers delicious white wine malvazia as well as red wine. We also bought wine liqueur as a souvenir.
The other place is a small bakery "pekara" with gorgeous pastry. We tasted almost everything. I can highly recommend all types of "strudla" (jabuka = apple, syr = sweet cottage, marelica = apricot, višnja = morello). They also offer criossants and doughnuts or pastry filled-up by nuts. I can´t forget a wide range of salty pastry. Taste "slanac" and "burek". You can buy "burek syr", which means filled-up by cottage cheese, or "burek meso" with meat filling. They are offer as a "snail" or as a piece of a big pie, which I like more because it is supplier. And of course, taste local crispy bread!


Burek "snail"

Burek "pie"


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