Beaches in/around Duga Uvala


I would like to dedicate my first post on my blog to my most favourite country for summer vacation - Croatia. I have visited the mainland as well as islands several times and I have just arrived from the last visit when I spent one week on beaches around Duga Uvala in Istria. I would like to share this map with you to give you a hint if you would like to explore this area as I did.

Duga Uvala

Let´s start with Duga Uvala itself, which is a usual holiday resort but very very small. There are just a very big hotel and a very big complex of apartments. To be honest, I would never choose this place for holiday again. Although I am a citygirl, I enjoy quite and not crowded places!

You can find lots of pictures of the beach in Duga Uvala all over the web! I pick up some for you to get insight. Duga Uvala is placed in a bay. You can see the hotel and the apartment in the first picture under. The beach is quite long and you can find your place if you don´t mind walking.

The beach is mostly rocky, which I like because you can jump to water. If you prefer small rocks, you must go to a beach in front of the hotel. But I would avoid that unless you want to be crowded by people. (See the picture under!)


Kavran is a small village close to Duga Uvala. Follow sings in the village, which lead you directly to beach. Don´t be afraid of dusty roads and park in nature. You reach a rocky beach after few meters of walking. But it is worthy since you have much more privacy that in Duga Uvala.

Uvala Luka

The best beach, that we visited, was Uvala Luka. We found this beach by chance, when we went to St. Agnes vantage point not far from Rakalj. Once we saw it, we were amazed. Unfortunately, it seemed, that the beach is accessible just from the sea. Thus we decided to visit another close beach. As we drove, we met a small parking just for one car. We took the risk and went into the bush. We walked around 20 minutes from the hill to the coastline and what we found was even much better that we could see from the St. Agnes vantage point. The beach was long with small white rocks. There was a shipwreck and a white bench under a macchia. We visited this beach for the rest of our stay and most of that time we were alone on the beach. We could enjoy crystal clear water and quite & peace, which was exactly what we sought for.

Uvala Luka

More possibilities

In the end I would like to give two more tips. The first is Krnički porat, which is a part of the Istrian cost dotted with picturesque coves that are hardy accessible from the mainland. If you want to explore them by boat, the small harbour of Krnički porat is the ideal starting point. Don´t forget to bring snorkels!

Blaz Cove is today just another unspoilt piece of Istria´s coastline, whereas in the Roman era it represented an important harbour in the maritime route connecting Pula and Rijeka. It is said that five watermills were once active here right by sea, which is rather rare. The remnants of some of these mills are visible even today. People from remote parts of Istria used to come here to collect the high-quality water that springs up here.

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