Spa City of Poděbrady


Poděbrady is a nice city not so far from Prague. There is even a direct train between the Czech capital and this historic city. The journey takes ca. 30 mins. Besides historical significance of this place tourists are attracted by the spa facilities. Heart diseases are treated in many spa resorts and drinking treatments.


The Park


I went there with my parents who visit Poděbrady almost every weekend because of the fresh water spirits to enjoy drinking treatments. We came early in the morning. Firstly, we had sips of mineral water in the park. The water is rich in minerals helping with blood vessels.

Hearts at the Castle

After we had a cup of coffee and cake in Cafe Viola which is a typical spa cafe. The space used to be glorious (honestly, the best time is unfortunately over). From the menu I can recommend Florida cake that is fresh. Thanks to the snack we had enough energy to walk through the rest of the city and we continued to the Labe river.

Coffee & Cake at Viola Cafe

We walked along the river and after few kilometres we got to the magical place where Labe meets Cidlina. There are few bistros where we had typical Czech lunch - beer and "výpečky".

The way back we walked similar journey but in the woods to escape the heats. When we reached Poděbrady again we had a rest in Kafíčko Cafe.

Espresso at Kafíčko

Check the map of the fresh spirits. They are many all over the city. No surprises that "Poděbradka" is produces in large volumes here. Some are cold, some are hot, some are very tasty and other are very mineral. We always take many full bottles home to pro-long the drinking treatment.

Other good foodie options are (unfortunately, I can't confirm any of them since I have not visited any of them):
- Cafe Oliver - a French restaurant
- la Manma Cucina - an Italian restaurant

PS: This post has been hidden in the concepts for a while. Funny is that yesterday I went to Poděbrady again and I did the same trip as last time.

Another kind of spirit

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