Špindlerův Mlýn in Summer


I love summer and I love mountains during summer. As a kid I went many times to the mountains with my grandparents. I still can feel the fresh air as I try to refresh my memories. I was not even school age when I hiked in the Czech mountains and I love that. My grandma always had the best snacks and sweet tea for us. I am so grateful for these memories.

Maybe that is the reason why I try to go to the mountains every summer. Czech mountains has many to offer not only in winter but even in summer.


View from the hotel

This time we headed to Špindlerův Mlýn which is like Czech Aspen. I suppose it is the most expensive place in Krkonoše. I keep going there every time maybe because of my laziness since I have been there many times. Last time I was there snowboarding and in one day (without sleep-over) I spend my week budget. Nevermind, we headed to Špidl again. And we were pleasantly surprised... The prices did not go down however the staff was very nice. In winter Špindl can get very busy. I felt like in a cheap alternative of the Apls... but no Alp dupe exists!

And now shortly about our one-day trip. This is not the cheapest way however the most convenient. We drove from our hotel to the cable car. The one-way ticket is 250 CZK + 50 CZK card deposit. The ride takes ca. 15 minutes. Please check the schedule first. We did not do it but we very lucky to get immediately “on board”.

Hello from the cabin car

Espresso at Medvědín

Mountain chill

Start of the hike

As we arrived up on the Medvědín hill we had espresso in the bar, chilled outside and chatted. After few moment we took the red tour line in direction to “Vrbata’s cottage”. The journey is upward although nothing demanding and even kids and elder people went with us. From the cottage we continued to “Labska cottage” and to the spring of the Labe river. I remember me going there with my grandparents as a kid. My grandma made me and my brother always to take pictures in front of the city sings which express every important city connected to Labe. So many memories came up. He had a rest there and bite of chocolate I took as a source of quick energy.

Labská bouda

Lunch at Labská bouda

We stopped at “Labská Bouda” to have lunch. This place got renovated few years ago. Still it is the mountain cottage but I was very nicely surprised about the staff and the meal offer. The menu was simple and even though the prices were high the quality was good and we had great beer.

After lunch we walked down to the city (following the blue line). It took us few hours. We were almost alone on our journey which was pleasant since we met many people in the morning. The journey goes through beautiful nature and you can admire few waterfalls which bring positivity and good vibes.

In the end we decided to enjoy dessert since we deserved it. I got a tip to visit Lebeda restaurant. Omg! This place is amazing!

I quite struggle with restaurants outside Prague. Not only the meal offer and staff but also quality. Probably I am foodie and when I travel meal is an important part of the experience. From that reason I try to find nice places.

Lately I have been following Lukáš Hejlík who is Czech actor and performer and tracks places worthy to visit. This tip I got from him. Luckily he visited Spindleruv week before us. He also recommended another place - Farma. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to visit both and Lebeda had better location. But next time is dedicated to Farma.

Lebeda stands for Czech cuisine with modern touches. The menu is full of tasty dishes. As I said we went there only for coffee and cake since we had big lunch and we were supposed to have dinner at our hotel.

The deserts were light as sweet as they should be. No sugar fever to destroy other flavors. I had strawberry sauce and Mira typical Czech sweet dish “buchticky se šodó”.

Aperol at Lebeda

Buchtičky se šodó at Lebeda

Strawberry sauce at Lebeda

To conclude Spindl is expensive but offers many things for relax holidays in winter and summer.

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