Prague Adventures with My Bestie


Me and my bestfriend Evička live in Prague and we love this city so so much. We have many favourite spots here depending on the season. This post is dedicated to one of our lazy days in summer.

We met in the city centre to rent rekola which is great bike-sharing platform and you can find the bikes spread all over the city. We cycled to the river park at Vltava and to Podolí where we left our bikes and went for refreshment to the Podolka restaurant. They also offer great selection of healthy food with even vegan options and I like their ginger beer very much.


View from Podolka

After few sips of beer we went to the riverbank to catch a boat. Not many people in Prague or tourists know that there is public boat transport on Vltava. One journey goes from Veslařský ostrov to Lihovar (and back). The other journey is between Karlín and Holešovice.

Boat public transport

We took the boat from Veslařský ostrov which goes to the other bank of the riverside. The view from the boat is incredible. However the trip is very short since it takes app. 5 minutes to cross the river. After the boat, we walked to my favourite cafe in Anděl: Kavárna co hledá jméno. This is a very unique concept which was founded by 2 young guys who wanted to cultivate non-used space among odd buildings. Now they serve great coffee & cakes in remarkable design interior and outstanding terrace.

Kavárna co hledá jméno

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