My Favorite Cafes in Prague


This post has been in concept file for such a long time. Today, I am sitting in my paradise (read Bohemian Paradise) and drinking homemade coffee and dreaming about the best espresso shots (no offence, our coffee machine!).

The summer has just started and I enjoy real summer holidays even though time flies and I have only few days to have a rest (read weekend). After few hours of reading and sunbathing I decided to finish this post about my favourite cafes in Prague. I could not finish it since there are many cafes I love in Prague and I did not want to skip any of them. Finally, I decided to write this short list and you can find my complete Foursquare list in the end with all other cafes which did not make it into the post from whatever reason.

This list does not represent any particular order but it is a mixture of my favourite cafes in Prague. It would be too hard to list them according to my preferences since every is special to me and I visit the in different occasions - to work, to be alone, to start day with great breakfast, to spoil myself, to chat with my bestie, to enjoy the garden etc. The list of reasons is endless such as list of the best cafes in Prague. Let's jump into the list...

Mezi Srnky

Oh, my favourite spot for home-office or cool breakfast 

Cafe Jen

TOP breakfast and great coffee

Super Tramp Coffee

Little hidden cafe with great coffee

Bistro 8

This place was my shelter while writing my diploma thesis. They led me stay in the cafe for few hours only with a cup of coffee and lemonade

Styl & Interier 

Amazing cakes... do not miss their garden

If Cafe 

The best sweet shop in Prague. My Favourite in in Werichova Villa in Kampa


Only this cafe can be competitor to if, however thanks to they hidden garden they are a bit closer to my heart

Kavárna co hledá jméno

Great atmosphere and interior design 

Cafe Savoy

... which is classy!


Little brother of Savoy

Coffee Corner Bakery

Visited few times and very nice feeling 



Also with little outside place

Coffee Room

Great but very tiny, taste the avotoast

And many other such as:
  • Spižírna 1902
  • EMA Espresso Cafe
  • Cafe Letka
  • Vnitroblock
  • Phil's Corner
  • Parlor
You can find my compete list in Foursquare.

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