Half-day Cycling Trip in the Bohemian Paradise


I come from the Bohemian Paradise. I like this saying since not everyone can claim that his/her roots are from the Paradise.

The Bohemian Paradise is a real miracle in the Czech Republic offering various activities during the year. My favourite season is spring because the nature starts to blossom and everything is purely green. In this post I would like to share with you a short cycling trip for half-day and few tips for foodies as you know me.

Since my family lives in Kněžmost this village is our starting point for the trip. You go the direction of Dolní Bousov. The best refreshment point is Hospůdka u Zvoničky where you can have a beer or lemonade. They also cook however I would skip the place because after 2 kilometres of cycling you reach Havlíkův dvůr which is another paradise in the paradise. This is an amazing farm where they treat beef well. I am not into meat as much however this place amazed me. Although it runs as a shop of fresh meat and does not offer real menu, they serve juicy burgers with homemade fries. I am not into burger but these taste like heaven. Trust me.

With full belly you keep cycling to the castle Kost, one of the biggest dominants of the Bohemian Paradise. The last place where I always stop is Pohostinství u Kavalírů. I have talked about this place many times but it is never enough to remind it since it is a small pub with great selection of beer.

Here you can find the map.

Burger at Havlíkův Dvůr

Humprecht castle

Humprecht Castle

Kost castle

Kost castle

Beer "U Miloše"

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