New York Itinerary For 6 Days


Finaly, I found time to write down my itinerary for New York. This trip happened in September 2017. I looked forward to this trip so much that I really do not know why I was not able to put in on paper (online). Maybe because it was such an intense trip for me.

I had known I would go to New York and I had high expectations. However, I was not disappointed at all. I planed our trip very well as I usually do. We had almost a week to spend in New York which is enough if you know you get back there.

New York trip was my gift for myself before my 30's birthday. Maybe that was also one of the reason I got so much emotional. 2017 was a tough year for me. I decided to quit my beloved job and jump to a different field of business and management level. I was (and honestly, I still am) confused.

Just a short note... turning 30 was a big deal for me. Since I live alway 2 years in advance (believe me I try to avoid it as much as I can). I felt like my fun life is going to the end and there will be no more traveling to far destinations easiness and childhood. Silly, I know. But I really felt the it is time to adult and I always felt more like a child or free spirit with no limits. Anything was possible... And I started to feel that I am maybe too old for some things which is totally bullshit... But this all influenced my life and esp. my trip to New York. Because as we all know... this is the Big Apple where all dream come true.

Oh... and now let's talk about New York.

We to the city on Saturday. From the JFK we went by public transport which was bit hectic since the fast train was under reconstructions. As we stood of the subway for the first time, we could smell the mood of the city. I was amazed. We had dinner at Umami Burger which is a great chain all over the US. The sweet potato fries have been so far the best fries I have ever tasted. After we headed to see Time Square during night which is fabulous.

Most of the week we spent by walking in the city. Our hotel was in Queens with good location (15 mins by public transport to Times Square). The room was nice and the breakfast was OK.

Plan for Sunday: to see the south of Manhattan
- to see Empire State Building
- to pass Madison Square Garden
- to walk on High Line
- to visit Chelsea Market and have lunch there
- to grab a coffee in Bluestone Lane Cafe
- to chill in Washington Square
- and Union Square
- and Madison Square Park
- to have a drink at the roof top bar with the view to the Empire State Building
- and Time Square during night again

Plan for Monday: Financial District and Brooklyn
- World Trade Centre
- Bull statue
- Lunch in Chinese Town at Joe's Shanghai
- Manhattan Bridge - big mistake to walk on this bridge in such heat!
- Brooklyn and snack at Luke's Lobster
- Juliana's pizza - just amazing... we found it by accident
- walk through the Brooklyn Bridge in the evening

Plan for Tuesday: Middle of Manhattanu incl. To of the Rock and Central Park
- to climb on Top of the Rock (book it online in advance) - the view is TOP we spent there more than 1 hour
- Rockefeller Centre - must have (I still want to see it before Xmas)
- lunch at Halal Guys
- Trump Tower - just for toilets ;)
- Tiffany's store - not only for window shopping - definitely go inside (I have even heard they offer real breakfast now)
- have fresh juice at Juice Generation
- rent a bike and cycle in the Central Park (book it online in advance)
- dinner at Fresh and Co.

Plan for Wednesday like Carrie Bradshaw: Brunch a nákupy
- brunch at Two Hands in Little Italy - tip by Karlie Kloss even we considered Egg Shop
- Soho
- shopping at Glossier (amazing even only for the experience), Guess, Bloomingdale
- lunch at Grey Dog
- espresso at Chalait cafe before visiting Hudson River Park
- shopping at Century 21
- dinner at Eataly - italian food never let you down

Plan for Thursday: Shopping is never enough
- Roosevelt Island Tramway - highly recommended
- cofee and cupcake at famous Magnolia bakery
- Central Park again
- shopping at Hollister and Whole Foods Market (btw. toilets are there)
- chill at Bryant Park - my favourite park in the City
- Library
- Grand Central Terminal
- Juice Generation

My feelings about the trip I wrote down in this post.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to explore all places we had on our list such as:

High Line

The Empire State Building from the roof top bar

Times Square

Finacial District

Monkey at Donkey

Brookly Bridge from Manhattan Bridge

Waiting for Pizza


From Top of the Rock

Gotham is gone

Lunch form Halal Guys

Two Hands

Acai Bowl at Two Hands

Banana Bread at Two Hands

Sunset at Hudson River Park

Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery

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