Copenhagen, My Childhood Dream


I always wanted to visit Copenhagen. My passion was kicked by my homework at high school when I was supposed to create a presentation about Denmark. I was amazed by this relaxed city great for life. My interest had even grown in last years and it was decided as I read a book about Hygge. I just needed to find the perfect occasion for the trip which occurred during Easter this year.

Unfortunately, I was unprepared. I had no agenda or itinerary which is very unlikely me. However, Copanhagen is so easy to travel because everything is close. The monuments are not many but there are many cool places such as cafes, bars and restaurants. You even do not need a map to find them. You pass them as you walk. The penetration of these places is so high.

We took a morning flight from Prague. We bought the train ticket at the airport (72 crowns) and got in the first train which came on the platform (based under the airport - follow the sings). Train was empty and had wifi. In 10 minutes we were at the main station and in 15 minutes of walk we found our hotel. Such easiness!!!

It was sunny day. Firstly, we went to Tivoli Park where I tested the highest rollercoaster. After we found a great place for lunch MÄT. The place offers all you can eat. You pay very convenient price and choose from the menu. If you do not finish your dish, you "pay a fine". We tasted their smorrebrod which were amazing as well as the steak.

Tivoli Park

Us in Tivoli Park

Tivoli Park - the rollercoaster 



The waiter from MÄT was from Slovakia and he recommended to us go on a boat trip in Nyhavn which we did and were very grateful. There are many companies offering the boat trip. We went to the first one. There might have been cheaper options but we did not want to bother with wasting time. During the trip you see the best parts of the city and the guide explains you more about the culture and history. Unfortunately, we both felt asleep :D

Boat Trip

Boat trip from Nyhavn

Boat trip - the Opera House

In the evening we went to the Cafe Norden. OMG! This is the kingdom of hygge! With the fire place, lights, windows, everything. And of course amazing coffee and cakes. Top place to visit.

Cafe Norden

Cafe Norden

The next day was grey, cold weather but it did not rain fortunately. We walked most of the day and we visited most of the monuments.

Walk itinerary in one day with links on the map:

  • Tivoli Park (not entering)
  • Copenhagen City Hall
  • University - my secret place to study during Erasmus - (un)fortunately, did not happen
  • Round Tower
  • Park and Rosenborg - highly recommended
  • Park with the Botanical Garden
  • Krusemyntegade - short street with colourful houses
  • Stop in a cafe - there are many. We wanted to go to the Atelier September but was full and people were waiting. We ended in another hygge cafe: The Coffee Factory
  • We passed Nyhaven and went to Frederik's Church which is my favourite monument in Copenhagen
  • There is a "square" between Nyhaven and the Church - Sankt Annæ Pl.. This was my favourite part of the city with great cafes, view to opera - I would say the peaceful heart of Copenhagen and not so many tourists go there.
  • After we walked to see the Little Marmaid - fortunately, we were aware that it is a small statue. It is very popular among kids. We even could not reach it due to children crowded trying to touch it :)
  • We walked to Langelinie but it was windy and there is nothing to see.
  • Finally we entered Kastellet where I did not feel since it reminded my Czech Terezin (jewish camp during the 2nd was).
Tivoli Park



Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden



The Coffee Factory

Frederik's Church

Frederik's Church

Littel Mairmade

The rest of the day we just walked through the city and we chilled in Cafe 11 we found at the Sankt Annae Pl.

Cafe 11

Cafe 11

For dinner we went to the Tovernhalle which is quite expensive but we like these places since my Erasmus or other European trips.

The other day we had a flight to catch in the afternoon, but still we went to the city:


I knew Joe & Juice from New York but I did not know this place was originally from Denmark. Such a surprise to see these juice bars in every corner. Of course, we had to visit it. And we did in our favourite Sankt Annae Pl.

Joe & Juice

The best lunch we had at The Union Kitchen which is fancy place offering mixture of American cuisine. After we walked the city and had coffee in Paludan Cafe which is a student place with very good prices.

The Union Kitchen

Paludan Cafe

To sum it up since the post is quite long, my TOP tips for Copenhagen are:
  • Boat trip
  • Rosenborg with the botanical garden
  • Sankt Anna Pl. with Cafe 11, Joe & Juice and The Union Kitchen nearby

We did not have a chance to visit La Glace which I will definitely do next time when I am in Copenhagen. This is a very luxurious conditorei. And another cafe stayed on my bucket list: Democratic Coffee. These are is not the only reasons to visit Copenhagen again. I would like to explore also the countryside since I think it has many attractions to offer.

See you next time, Copenhagen!

Breafast at our hotel

Bag shop

Another cool shop


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