How I Organized a Bachelorette Party in Madrid


My bestfriend who I have known since my childhood is getting married and I am privileged to be the maid of honor. Among my duties was the organisation of the bachelorette party. 

This task was quite tough for me because even though I think marriage is an important step in the couple relationship, I am not such a wedding person. My wedding would be more a private party for few people esp. close relatives. Nothing big. 

However, my best friend had always talked about her big day. Thus, I was quite nervous about organizing the bachelorette party. Moreover, my best friend lives in Madrid. I have visited her few times but I do not know Madrid so much. And I had never met her friends who were invited to the bachelorette party. Don’t be surprised if I felt a bit pressure while organizing the party.  In the end everything went perfectly and I do hope my best friend had a great time.

Before organizing I did my research as usual I do before traveling. Firstly, I asked my best friend about her vision of the party. Fortunately, she did not want to do anything crazy. :) Went mostly through Pinterest for help with the funny task and ideas for dress code or other tips and tricks. 

The party took place in April and that time was very cold weather in Madrid which was unusual. Luckily it did not rain. All venues were close in walking distance. 

We started our party at a mani/pedi place called Nenha which was the best kick-off. I can highly recommend this place since their stuff speak English very well and their communication is prompt. We were allowed to bring bottles of cava to make the appointment pleasant and the prepared sweets for us as a kind gifts. We stayed there from 15:30 till 17:30 since we were 9 girls.

The braid

 Braid's Squad at Nenha

After we walked to the rooftop bar at Mercado San Anton. Unfortunately, I was not able to make a reservation and the place was crowded since it was the first sunny weekend in Madrid in a while. We ended in the basement in a small tapas bar which was not the best and it was quite expensive. So we moved to another bar. That moment I honestly felt like I failed in the organization however girls were nice and one of them led us to an amazing bar. The name was Platea and the bar is epic.

Mercado San Anton


Virgin Mojito


We had reservation at 21:00 in Fuku which is a great sushi place. Tip was by the future husband :) The service is okay but the food is incredible. After dinner while waiting for desserts, my bestfriend fulfilled a wedding quiz about her husband which was fun and I highly recommend this for any hen party.

After dinner when Fuku was closing one of us got an idea to go for karaoke. This was spontaneous but great. After all fancy venues we ended in a basement karaoke bar.

PS: The quality of the pics is low since we took them on the phone.

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