London in 36 Hours


My first abroad trip of 2018 was London. I have a very special relationship with this city since it was the first eurotrip with my boyfriend few years ago and I visited London with my mum 2 years ago as it was our family gift for her birthday. This time I went with my bestie.

Once I wrote an article about London and the reasons I love this city so much. This hasn’t change so far and I looked forward to my favourite spots.

During Christmas I noticed very cheap fly tickets to London. Since I changed my job and I do not have so many days of holiday I decided to visit London only during weekend - one night. I have to say it was a great decision.

This is my supertruper easy guide to visiting London in 36 hours.

From Standsted by Train

I took a flight with my bestfriend to Standsted from where we took a train to the centre. We wanted to go by bus however we did not buy tickets in advance and our preferred schedule was not available anymore. In the end I am glad that we took the train because it is much better. It is maybe a bit more expensive (ca. 34 pounds), but it take only 1 hour to be in the citycentre, the journey is convenient and there is wifi on the train.

We bought the tickets online. After downloading the app you have the tickets in your phone and you can travel whatever hour you want during the day you buy the ticket for. The platform is two floors under at the Standsted airport. Just follow the signs. There is no check-in, we walked in the train and travelled for 1 hour to Liverpool Street (train station). As you leave the platform in London, you scan the code, that you have in the mobile app, at the “gate”.

DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton

To the Hotel by Ferry - My First Hilton

Since we arrived in the morning on Saturday we wanted to grab something small to eat and drink. Unfortunately, we did not find anything interesting around the train station thus we ended in Costa Coffee.

After we went to our hotel to check-in. We stayed at DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton - Docklands Riverside. This Hilton chain is amazing and great value for money. We took the DTL train to Canary Wharf and after a short walk we arrived to the pier where we took a free-of-charge ferry to the hotel (guests do not pay). The entrance area of the hotel is beautiful and the staff is lovely. However, the best is the ferry which made our stay very special and unique.

The other way to get to the hotel is to walk from the subway station Canada Water. It takes about the same time as from Canary Wharf and most of the journey is via a lovely park. But we preferred the ferry even though it is quite tricky to find way-out from Canary Wharf.

Borough, Millennium Bridge, Covent Garden

Of course, our first stop after quick rest in the hotel was my favourite Borough... One of my top places in London. We started with a glass of prosecco and we shared beef sandwich and scotish egg with sweet-potato fries. Both was very delicious. 

Evička in Borough

Bubbles in Borough

Beef Sandwich

Beef Sandwich


Scotish Egg

With full bellies, we walked from the Millennium bridge to the St. Paul Cathedral and to Covent Garden where we had coffee at Nero Cafe (Monmouth was too crowded). We visited few shops such as Charlotte Tilburry and Neal’s Yard Remedies which are currently my favorite brands.

Millenium Bridge

Covent Garden

Our walk continued in London streets during sunset which was very romantic. We got to the Picadelly Circus where a very young boy sang while the sun was setting. These moments are very special. I felt right where I was and I felt lucky, happy and blessed.

Sunset in London


Never Skipped Whole Foods

We had a look in Whole Foods which is my another favorite and definitely must-visit in London. I am  always amazed by the volume of healthy food and cosmetics. I bought few snacks to keep as little treat in my drawer in my job (and I ate in a week!). I found a very good cosmetic brand from Korea. I bought their masks and mist and I am a big fan of those products. Whole Foods offers very good food court and self-service bar where we went for healthy dinner.

After we walked through Soho which was a livid place with musicians and red latherns. That day we walked 21,5 km. We got to the hotel exhausted and immediately jumped into the bath and bed to relax.


Last Hours in London... Notting Hill

After a beauty sleep we had a great breakfast at the Hilton hotel in the morning. They offer even gluten-free options. 

Breakfast at DoubleTree by Hilton

We did not plan so much for Sunday. We wanted to go to Nothing Hill to capture pictures of the colorful houses close to Portobello Road

Portobello Road

Portobello Road

Notting Hill

Last destination was Oxford Street because no girlie trip could be without shopping. But firstly we searched for a cafe. I was unfortunate and Mea Deli was completely full as well as Farm Girl. However, we found a very nice place called Popina which was only 2 weeks opened. We had coffee and amazing cakes. Highly recommended!

Popina Cafe

In the end we went to Selfrige... Just looking but we were completely excited by the product and brand range. And we could not skip Primark.

And that’s is... our London trip was less than 2 days. 

Thanks to this trip I realised how easy it is to travel abroad. Even in one day you can manage so many perfect things. I feel gratitude.

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