New York... New Me.


New York had been my biggest dream. My love to New York started with my favourite movie: You've Got Mail and it even deepened thanks to the Gossip Girl. I wanted to visit this city so much for so many years! I am not sure what the main reason was... Probably the lifestyle which also took my heart during our stay.

I will post also our itinerary and recommendations for New York. However, this trip was so special for me that I wanted to write down the transformation which it caused.

I got very excited when I bought my flight tickets. It was my gift for myself... My birthday gift... New York was the last place on my bucket list before 30. My biggest dream came true and I balanced with different feelings all stay - achieving my dreams and thinking about future with no ideas what I would like to do. New York was deep for me... I enjoyed every minute. However, it made me realised I stopped dreaming.

Me in New York

My 3 top reasons why I love New York:

  1. Every girl looks so chic... As French women are charming, New Yorker are "juicy". They walk in the sweat pants with glowy skin and great attitude. 
  2. The parks are amazing. My favourite spot was from the chair in the Bryant Park. If I go to New York ever again, I will save money to stay in Manhattan in the Bryants Park Hotel where all models stay during fashion week.
  3. The city is centre of business, art&culture and great cuisine full of healthy options. Still many options to explore.
Last but not least, New York reminds me two cities. Firstly, Shanghai because of the sky scrapers which made me very melancholic and London due to healthy options and cosmopolitan atmosphere.  However, the long avenues can't be found anywhere in the world.

I am sure, I will come back.

xoxo, M.

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