Late Summer at Cote d'Azure


I haven't posted in a while. The reason is (too) simple. I did not stop travelling. But I changed my job in summer and I hardly found time to write about my travels even though I went to France, my dreamy New York, Germany and few places in the Czech Republic. I will write more posts bu I would like to dedicate the first post to my trip Cote d'Azure.

This trip happened end of August 2017. It was an idea of my boyfriend to prolong summer and enjoy weekend at Cote d'Azure. And it was fab!

We took a very convenient and cheap flight by Volatea from Prague to Marseille where we rented car and headed to the city centre for lunch. Unfortunately, all the good places had siesta. Thus we ended our hungry search for a lovely venue in pancake place. How typical of France! Mecca of great food!

The way to our accommodation in La Ciotat we stopped at Carrefour where we improved our tasting cells since we bought all delicious food and of course wine. I was amazed by the selection of everything. Czech grocery situation had improved last years but there is still potential for improvement in the Czech Republic.

Monkey in Marseille

Next morning we started in La Patisier which was a highlight of our trip:

After this amazing sweets, we went to Calanque du Grand Mugel which is easy to find. Calaques are famous in this area and they are many. Some are not so easily accessible and it is necessary to walk there for a long time or rent a boat (or take a boat trip). Have a look at map to get there.

I recommend to come early to find a good spot. Moreover the parking place is very limited. Since it was not so hot the beach didn't become overcrowded. We even took a swim as the only people because the water was so cold end of August.

Calaque du Grand Mugel

After beach we went to La Ciotat to have something to drink and chill. We found a great square with hidden cafes / bars which I can highly recommend due to local atmosphere. Place Sadi Carnot is not so far from the harbour and we stayed there few hours just sitting, chatting and watching kids play at the square.

My favourite square - hidden spot in La Ciotat

Next day was Sunday and we wanted to enjoy breakfast at the market as we remembered markets in Saint Maxime we had visited few years ago. Unfortunately, the market in La Ciotat was a bit disappointment. Food options were limited so we ended in a coffee bar to have coffee and croissant.

Coffee & Croissant in La Ciotat

We decided to go to Cassis because of the little beach which was also another highlight of the trip. It was Sunday and I was amazed by French drinking bubbles and eating fruits in the afternoon. This was dolce vita.

 Beach in Cassis

 Beach in Cassis

We had lunch in a restaurant across the street. Usually, the beach restaurants are weak all over the world. But not in Cote d'Azure. This salad was divine. French can enjoy life to tiny details which always remind me of being grateful.

Beach bar in Cassis

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