One-day Trip in Bedřichov and Cafe w/ Cake in Liberec


I am lucky... I come from the Czech Paradise. Even though I have been living in Prague past 10 years, I like to escape to nature every summer. The perfect trip is Bedřichov which is in Adler Mountains ca 1 hour far from Prague by car. I would like to share with you our journey as well as tip for the cafe worthy to step by in Liberec.

We parked our car at the parking place (3 or 4 hours parking hours cost 50 Kč). We followed the yellow colour. After half-and-hour hiking you get to Šámalova chata where you can have a rest. Unfortunately, it was before storm thus we did not step by but I have heard their fruit dumplings are amazing. I will definitely come back to try them :-)

The walk around Nisa lake takes ca 2 hours without the breaks and it is full of lovely views.

After hiking in Bedřichov we headed to Liberec to Mikyna Coffee & Food Point. This venue had been on my wish list quite long. Unfortunately, I had never time to visit it. Believe... you will enjoy the minimalism design, delicious coffee and sweet cakes.

Pie at Mikyna

Cheesecake at Mikyna

Next time I would like to go to Ještěd :-) Keep posted :-)

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