Kovárna Frýdštejn - Foodie Paradise in Bohemian Paradise


Confession... I LOVE food. I might be even a foodie. The hardest thing while travelling esp. in Czech Republic is to find restaurants/cafes with with quality food, nice personal and lovely atmosphere. I am a big fan of projects such as Taste of Prague or Gastromapa Lukáše Hejlíka - famous Czech actor who maps these places. In this post I would like to share with you a restaurant which has been still hidden however it is my top place to visit in Bohemian Paradise... Kovárna Frýdštejn.

View from the restaurant

 Kovárna Frýdštejn

Kovárna Frýdštejn sits in the Bohemian Paradise. The view from the venue is incredible. The menu has changed since my last visit a bit and they usually offer very tasty seasonal menu.

Starter - Brie plate and mango salad

Main dish - Sirloin with baked potatoes and mango & dill dip

Dessert - Creme Brulee

My other favourite places in the region of Bohemian Paradise or places I want to visit and still haven't had a chance:
  • La Divinita Coffee - great cafe with very cosy atmosphere (main dish slightly weak), definitely visit their terrace.
  • Nejen kafe - nice place for brunch, many vegan homemade cakes (weak location in the middle of block of flats)
  • Abelův mlýn - used to be my top place in the region, lately too crowded (booking is needed)
  • Cafe 1920 - on my venue list
  • Na Krásné vyhlídce - on my venue list since it has changed the owner

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