Best Beer is in Suhrovice


There is a pub in every village in Czech Republic. However, I would never believe that I would become a fan of beer. Still... it has happened. If I visit my parents in the Bohemian Paradise, I am always keen on going to the neighbour village Suhrovice where Miloš runs a pub.

The pub's name is Hospoda u Kavalírů. It used to be a very uninteresting dirty pub till Miloš stood in. Now it is a vital place. Miloš has many friends who travel and they always bring him beer from all parts of Czech Republic - esp. small breweries.

What is great about this pub? You never know what beer would be available that day. It is like game :-) The beer is not cheap in region but still it is full house. But everybody fits in since there is a small garden you can sit on or you can move to the pond behind the pub.

Czech beer


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