Thailand Travel 7: Bit Culture and Shopping during the Last Day


This is the last post from our visit of Bangkok. Nevertheless I DO hope it was not the last visit because there are many temptations to discover. :-)

In the morning we took a boat to the old city since we wanted to visit the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. There is a great article about the boat system in Bangkok. As we were in the pier we oriented based on signs. There is a big table "Buy tickets" - this is however only for the tourist boats - blue flag. It is only slightly more expensive. I think you buy the other tickets directly on the boat but I am not sure. The boat ride is great experience.

Unfortunately, we did not go into the Grand Palace since it was too crowded for us and we did not want to be pressed in heat among other eager tourists. If you go, wear long sleeves unless you are not allowed to enter. Be aware of frauds. There are men who seem to be very nice very friendly and they try to convince you that the palace is closed and recommend you other places to visits. However this is not true. Say thank you and walk away. This was our only negative experience in Thailand.

We went directly to War Pho which was amazing experience. It is much calmer area nad the temple is wonderful.

Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho

Buddha in Wat Pho

After we walked in the Chinese city with the markets. It is never ending. Firstly, we visited fruits and vegetable stands, after flowers, cloths, jewellery, housewares, etc. It took us 3 hours to pass the whole are and we even touched a bit part of Little India. I had been to other markets in other cities but this one is huge!

Last durian

 Lazy day at the market

Fruit & Vegitables market

Flower market


Chinese City in Bangkok

I wanted to bring home some clothes. Even though we walked for 3 hours among the stands with anything I bought nothing. Thus we headed to MBK. This is a huge shopping mall not only with fakes. I found a tip about Viva in one of YouTube videos I watched. This shop is great. The prices are slightly higher but you can get there boutique cloths (I was not looking for fakes). You can find it here: 1FL. 1B-23 MBK Center.

Unfortunaltely, I did not have much time to explore the whole mall or visit another. I listed few malls in my first post here. By chance I bought a great shirt in one of the streets close to subway. So have a look also there because it might be worthy.

The last place we visited was a restaurant: Bitterman. I found this tip by a Czech blogger. This venue mixes Thai cuisine with western style because the owner is from Brazil and he is really friendly.

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