Thailand Travel 6: Lumpini Park, Siam Shopping Mall and Jim Thompson


The other day in Bangkok we walked through the Lumpini Park. In general, I was very pleased and surprised how green Bangkok is. Even locals dance, go jogging or exercise in this park during day and esp. in the morning or evening when weather is not so hot. I could feel the energy of the city.

Lumpini Park

 Lumpini Park

After we walked in the streets towards the Siam Shopping Mall where we spent too long :-) This mall might be the biggest mall I have ever been (maybe the Laffayete in Paris would be bigger). The mall is divided into several sections from cool items for cool kids to luxurious watch and cars. My favourite part is however the food corner in the ground floor. We went there several times and never were disappointed during our Bangkok stay. The prices are slightly higher but the quality is very good (and if you are afraid to eat in the streets this might be the best option for you). There is also a grocery gourmet store in the mall where we bought fruits and small gifts for our friends and family as presents.

Our last stop was the Jim Thompson House which is highly recommended. We walked there along the canal with graffiti on the wall which creates unique atmosphere. The entrance fee is very low (150 bath) and the tour takes less than 45 mins. The story of Jim Thompson is very interesting. He was in the US army and then he moved in Thailand in 50th where he managed to restart Thai silk industry. Unfortunately, his death in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is a big mystery. His company still runs successful business. This place shows you a bit of history and magic of Thai culture. Have a drink in the restaurant and enjoy the garden while hot weather.

Garden at Jim's House

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