Thailand Travel 5: Cafes and Asiatique in Bangkok


We arrived to Bangkok in the afternoon. That day we had just time to check-in in our hostel - GLUR - believe me this place is amazing! GLUR is the best hostel I have ever been! The rooms are cosy, staff is friendly and location is great because it sits near to the subway station as well as the boat hub.

Cafes Worthy to Step By

We had just time to visit few places from my Bangkok list. Firstly, we headed to Luka Cafe to have something to drink and bite. In the end I ordered new-tella chia pudding which was heaven! The place looks incredible because the space is shared with a design shop. Prices are bit higher (everything is organic and you can find many gluten-free options) but it is worthy to spend the money.

Design shop at Luka Cafe

After Luka we grabbed amazing coffee in Rocket Coffeebar. It is pity that we weren't hungry because the menu looks great.

Flat white from Rocket Coffeebar

Asiatique - Shopping at the Riverside

Finally, we headed to Asiatique in the evening. There is a great article about basic info incl. "How to get there". Since our hostel was just at the pier it took us literally 15 minutes to reach Asiatique! This place is incredible. Even though I was bit disappointed because I expected more local handcraft shops, it was still great fun.

We mostly walked and had a look around or sometimes we went into the shops. I also bought my first present for my friend: a personalized passport cover.

I found gorgeous dress in a little shop in the warehouse 1. This beautiful dress cost me only 450 BTH. I got discount even I did not start bargaining but the seller said that the business did not go well this day because not so many people came. The seller claimed that his wife had made the dress and they really looked like handmade. 

I also liked clothes in shop Sabai - one is just around the corner and the other is in the warehouse 2. However, I did not buy anything there. 


There are many possibilities where to eat in Asiatique. We went to Mango Tango which is amazing. Their sticky rice was bit salty and it made is so special. I was in heaven... Again!

Mango Sticky Rice

After two hours we were overwhelmed and took the free shuttle boat back. Try to get the seat at the window to enjoy the view. I was lucky enough the way back. The journey reminded me my stay in Shanghai even though the skyscrapers are incomparable. Still the magic of the Asian metropolis is there :) and I love it. 

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