Thailand Travel 4: Chaweng Beach at Koh Samui


Before we returned to Bangkok we spend one day and night in Koh Samui. This time we chose the Chaweng beach to get more views on this island. Chaweng is the most famous and visited area in Koh Samui. Thus my expectations were low. I imagined crowded beaches with noisy and cheesy beach bars. Non of this became the reality and in the end I regret we didn't spend there more time. 

The beach was the best we visited. Water is crystal clear, shallow and warm. All day you can lie under a palm tree to escape the sun and buy fresh coconuts and fruits from the friendly lady sitting at the beach.

Quite disappointment was the resort First Bungalow Beach Resort because after staying in Escape or other places not only in Thailand this was a nothing special even though I got the tip by a Czech famous blogger. The pool was nice but who would be at the pool if you are close to the best beach in the island. A nice surprise were Chinese dumplings for breakfast to be fair and find something positive.

Moreover, night life in Chaweng was disappointing. Many weak restaurants and massage places changing into "sex" services during night. 

Still... Chaweng is definitely worthy visiting because the beach is incredible.

In love with Chaweng

Chaweng chill

Next time I would go for Lamei. :)

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