Thailand Travel 3: Beach at Koh Tao


After five days at Mae Nam beach in Koh Samui we headed to Koh Tao. This plan came up as we arrived to Thailand. We knew we would not stay all holidays in Koh Samui. However we were not sure where exactly to go. Since we saw Mae Nam, north and Lipa Noi and we were supposed to stay one night at touristy Chaweng, we were deciding between 2 islands: Koh Phanang and Koh Tao. You can manage visiting both during a one-day trip by the travel agency. This is not our cup we style. There was a full-moon party on Koh Phanang when thousands of people visit this island to party. From this reason Koh Tao won even though it is further. 

We booked our boat tickets online at This website aggregates all companies providing transfer not only among islands but also mainland. The first journey was by Lomprayah company. The service was great and the boat was quite new. I was really pleased. We went with Seatrack Discovery the way back which was ok. But if I should recommend, I would prefer Lomprayah.  

We arranged a free pick-up at the harbour by the hotel we stayed in. We chose the east coast. We heard that east coast is in this area nicer and I can confirm that also in comparison with Koh Samui. 

We stayed at Montalay Beach Resort which has an amazing beach! The sea is crystal clear. Take a snorkel with you. Unfortunately, we were quite stuck in the resort because they do not provide motorbike rentals and you can only go by the taxi. Even though they arrange taxi three times a day to three destinations (pier and two other beaches), the price is still quite high. Because we were supposed to stay only few nights at Koh Tao, we decided to enjoy the fabulous beach and just relax. Fortunately, the restaurant in the resort was nice and the prices were ok.

To conclude, visiting Koh Tao was great experience because it was peaceful place with the amazing beach. Moreover, the boat trip was fun and the transfer from the pier to the resort will be always in my mind because it was breathtaking ride especially in the morning when we went during sunrise. It was still dark and the road goes up to the hill thus you are able to see the ocean.

Lomprayah pier

Beach at Montalay

Beach at Montalay

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