Thailand Travel 1: Thai Vacation in June and Our Travel Itinerary in Brief


This Summer we planned escaping to Thailand for holidays. We had only two weeks thus Thai islands with a bit of Bangkok exploration seemed to be perfect. As usual... We wanted to balance leisure and food... This time adventure went aside.

I am going to post about each area we visited in more details. This is just a sneak peak post with teaser pictures :-)

June in Thailand

I heard that June is not the best season to visit Thailand because the monsoon usually covers a significant part of Thailand - "mean touristy part". However, for us it was the best for us since the weather Koh Samui, islands nearby a well as in Bangkok is great. Moreover, we escaped the crowds of tourists and it is the fruit harvest season = you can get durian everywhere!

Our itinerary

Our first flight was to Bangkok where we had less them 24 hours. We headed only to Siam Shopping Mall. There is a big food corner Siam Paragon. The other day we took a flight to Koh Samui where we spend 4 nights before we took a boat to Koh Tao for 3 nights. After we get back to Koh Samui - Chaweng and the next day we had a flight back to Bangkok where we spent 3 days before our flight to Prague.

Mea Nam

Lipa Noi

Koh Tao

In Love with Chaweng

 Sunset in Bangkok

Mango Tango

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