In-line Skating Close to Prague


Few years ago, I fell in love with in-line skating. I do not find many suitable places in Prague thus I usually go to Kostelec nad Labem which is not so far from Prague (ca. 20 mins).

The journey goes from Brandýs nad Labem to Kostelec nad Labem and opposite. I usually park at Kostelec which is bit further from Prague but the parking place is better. The journey is long ca. 6 km one-way. I manage the whole trip in 50 minutes (sometimes in 45 minutes if I want to push myself :-)). I like it because it is along the river thus the whole journey is very beautiful. Moreover, it is not so crowded as example the journey from Nymburk to Poděbrady which is the most common in-line path I know. The surfaces is also in much better condition.

The map

The journey



The views 

Labe river

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