Claus in Paris


Paris is the city of love though I am always a solo traveler when I visit the gorgeous capital. Honestly, I do not mind... It is only me and Paris... What a stable and balanced relationship!

I love just walking through the streets with no purpose and enjoying the atmosphere. I love the Parisian charm. I am always so obsessed by chic Parisians. I try to absorb the elegance and lifestyle as much as possible. This feeling I do not have in any other city! It is the magic of Paris and its Parisians...

I would like to share with you a venue I found during my last visit of Paris. It was a rainy day. After lunch I still had a bit time before my work duties and I didn't mind walking in the rain thus I aimed to Les Halles because it was close to my subway station. I was on search for a good cafe. I could find anything I would like to go in. After of minutes of walking I reached Claus. Unfortunately, I was full and people were waiting to be seated. I decided to find another place and leave a pin in map for the next visit of Paris.

I walked and walked without success and still kept in my mind that I visit Paris only occasionally and I headed back to Claus. OMG! It was the best decision of my trip!

This place is incredible. I got the last table and I offered sharing with a gentleman from the US who walked in second after me. They serve brunch all day long. However, I had coffee & cake and i will remember it all my life. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics due to my excitement... But believe me this place is worth to visit even though the prices are higher.

Rainy Day in Paris - Claus 

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