My Recommendations for Budapest


Lately, I was asked by few friends to share my tips for Budapest. I have visited this capital twice and I have strong relationship to it and few lessons-learned.

First time, I came with my best friend. It was my first Eurotrip many years ago and I remember only few exact places we visited. However, we had lots of fun and I have lots of cool memories. We did what every young girls do :-)

  1. We went through the street in heavy rain.
  2. We visited shopping malls - one even with the waterfall.
  3. We went to the oldest patisserie at the main square.
  4. We drunk sweet tokay wine for the first time.
  5. We were excited by the street market esp. with food.
  6. We went to the lunapark.
  7. We spent the whole day in the bath.

My other visit happened in September 2015 since our flight to Malaysia was from Budapest. It was too good/cheap offer to resist and not buying the tickets even though the distance between Prague and Budapest is significant. We thought it would be great adventure which it was... Indeed (but not in ways we planned)... However, we realised that we wanted to save money on wrong items because the journey by train is too long from Prague esp. if you travel in 3 weeks to Asia.

My Favourite Spots in Budapest

1/ Beer & Vegan
First night, we went for dinner to the Castro Bistro with great raw atmosphere (nothing fancy & good prices) and vegan options on menu. This place was recommended to us by the very friendly staff of our Lavender Circus hostel (btw. the hostel looked horrifying from outside but it was cool & cosy inside and its location is very convenient).
After dinner we went for a walk in surrounding streets which are full of bars and clubs. The night life in Budapest is vital.

2/ Brunch like in Italy
The day, we flown to Malaysia, we had only few hours in morning and we found a perfect venue where to spend them. We went to Cafe Alibi which was famous for the brunches. We were excited because we sat outside in a small square while enjoying prosecco, fresh juice and pastry and sunshine. We felt like somewhere in Italy. Unfortunately, this place is closed now.

3/ Luxurious Bar
If you want to be spoiled by the view and cocktails visit 360 Bar esp. be sure to come before the sunset (be prepared to stay in queue but it is worthy).

The Sunset View from the 360 Bar

The Cocktail in the 360 Bar

4/ Something Sweet
Last but not least, I can recommend a little cafe / patisserie Cake Shop where not only cakes are like heaven.

I can also recommend this article by Taste of Prague with more tips where to eat.

PS: Do not stay in Instant Groove Party Hostel unless you are a heavy partier! We didn't sleep till 5 a.m. and after we went directly to have early breakfast... Honestly, this hostel ruined our trip and we even left Budapest before we planned.

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