Winter Trip to Sunny Portugal


I was so lucky to spend a weekend in Portugal in February. It was due to work. And usually, when I travel due to business I do not have time to explore anything. Mostly I have only time to see the hotel and the airport. Finally, I broke it this time.

Of course, we were busy by taking pictures of the new car that my company is launching soon however we had also a chance to visit beautiful places such as beach, colorful houses close to the beach during the magic hour and an amazing city of Porto.

I love beach in summer but during winter it really makes me happy even the weather is cold and grey. But we could enjoy sunny days in Portugal after long winter in the Czech Republic (even worse to get back).

Porto is wonderful. It is not so touristy (maybe because of timing of our visit). It is cheaper than other European cities. The local people seemed to be happy and we felt in love with this city easily.



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