One-Day Trip to Kutná Hora for the Best Hot Chocolate


Kutná Hora is an old city with great history. If you take a car or train, you are there in 1 hour since it is very close to Prague. I visit Kutná Hora to escape the crowds of touristy Prague. And another reason why I travel every year to Kutná Hora is that I just need to grab a cup of hot chocolate in Kavárna na Kozím plácku. This place incredibly cosy... You can enjoy the real hot chocolate there (not the instant powder we usually get everywhere in the Czech Republic).

The greatest monument is the St. Barbara Cathedral which is definitely worth to visit (entrance fee is 85 CZK for adult and you can get discount if you buy entrance also for other museums). I like walking in the city with no purpose (the city centre is very small) or my favourite is walk along Vrchlice which takes ca. 1 hour.

As the city is so close to Prague you can make the trip in one day however I prefer to stay over night since the night atmosphere is marvellous. Especially the sun set creates magical atmosphere and it would be pity not to experience it.

I have stayed in U Kata hotel which is OK. The rooms are lovely and their wellness is very good. Lately, we stayed at U babky bylinářky (I suppose the owner is the same). I would prefer this place even though they do not have any wellness area. They offer "only" herbal baths (390 CZK) which are great relax especially in cold winter time.

PS: It is quite hard to find a good place where to eat. We usually go to Dačický. They serve the Czech cuisine which I am not fan of... But time to time why not. Honestly, the service has improved in last years.

St. Barbara Cathedral

Hot Chocolate with Chilli

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