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I visited my brother in Ghent, Belgium, in Dec 2016. Since end of the year and start of 2017 was so hectic regarding my job, I was not able to write the post about my trip.

I have been to Belgium many times. My favourite place used to be Brugge because of the romantic atmosphere. I can highly recommend going there even though you would have only few days for visit in Brussels. The train take you there only in 45 minutes.

But this post is not about Brugge... It is about Ghent. I had known about this place only a little before my trip (my mistake!). I have friends who come from this city however I have never thought that the atmosphere would be so unique. Now... Ghent is my favourite place in Belgium. But maybe the Christmas time influenced me. :-) Who wouldn't`t be excited by so many little markets with stands full of the best delicacies! Oysters, champagne, beer, chocolate, cheese... And more and more! I could have spent in Ghent the whole month. I will definitely come back in summer because of some places on my bucket list!

Street Christmas market

The Real Hot Chocholate (80%)

Lights everywhere

Oysters.... are never enough!

and champagne!

The smallest house in Ghent

One bite

My few tips from the trip:

  • Beer bars/cafes are at each corner... Our favourite is Trollekelder with unbelievable wide range of beer types.
  • Visit ONA wine bar if you go out with your friend and you are not in mood for beer
  • I visited La Pain Quotidien while visiting London in 2016. As many people I thought this place is French (another trick such as french fries!). No way! It is Dutch! The offer is wide. The place is great for brunch or light dinner.
  • I still have one place I haven`t visited and is at my bucket list: Maison Elza! Another brunch place (I will not lie... I am a brunch girl).

Last but not least... my best memory from the beach in the Netherlands:

Moio Beach

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