Tips & Tricks for Traveling in Bali


This information I found very important while traveling in Bali:

  1. DO not argue with locals. You will not help yourself... Rather opposite! Be nice and polite. Do not push them otherwise they will stop communicate with you. Even when you bargain be nice. 
  2. When you transfer, make it as a whole-day trip. In other words do not fly the same day you travel by boat because the time schedules of the boats depend on weather. Moreover, people in Indonesia are easy-going and they do not feel the rush. We met many angry tourists who did get to the boat on time.
  3. The boat agencies are used to organize "door-to-door" transfer - it means that they pick you up at the hotel to drive you to the harbour, take you by the boat and then take you to the hotel. The service is usually included in the price of the ticket (only if you travel further, you pay extra). This makes traveling much easier.
  4. The days are short since the sunset comes earlier.
  5. Do not overestimate your driving skills. The best transport vehicle is the motorbike in Bali. However, be careful and take it easy. The Balinese are used to heavy traffic. I recommend not to risk. Also when you plan a bigger trip, consider renting a car with the driver - it is more convenient (no need to sit so long on the motorbike and you are weather safe when it rains). Of course, have the international driving licence.
  6. Uber works very well in Bali. They even started a new service Bali so you can book the driver for the whole day. Unfortunately, Uber is not allowed in Ubud.

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