Paon Cooking Course in Ubud


I am not a chef but I love cooking & Asian cuisine. Naturally, I was very excited to take a cooking course in Bali. There are many possibilities and you can even find the course directly in Bali. However, I prefer online search from home to get the best place based on reviews. Our choice was Paon Bali.

The Paon Bali is a very professional cooking school. Everything is organised very well. The course is rather for beginners. The driver picked up us in the morning in Ubud (although they pick you up even from further places). Then we went to the market to get to know the fruit, vegetables, spices etc.

The course takes place in a lovely house in the middle of forest with great view. Cooking starts with welcome by the owner of the school. This lady is amazing! She creates great atmosphere to make their customers feel relaxed & positive. She knows a lot about cooking and her business.

View from the open terrace


All fresh

The owner of Paon Bali

Dessert! Fried banana

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