Sunrise at Mt. Batur, Hot Springs, Coffee Plantation


Another great trip in Bali is a sunrise hike to Mt. Batur. We went by car to the volcano with the private driver who arranged for us the local guide for the hike. Climbing starts around 3 a.m. However, it is worthy to be one of the first people since you do not feel so lost in crowd because this trip is very popular among tourists. 

The trip is not so demanding as other volcano hikes in Indonesia. But it still is very beautiful. The journey takes ca. 2 hours. Then you have time to sit at the top, have light breakfast and enjoy the view and sunrise. We were lucky since the weather was amazing.

Sunrise from the Mt. Batur

Sunrise from the Mt. Batur

Mt. Batur

After the hike, we went to the Hot Springs. The place was very close to the volcano but only few people were inside which was great since we had time to relax. The view is incredible! Just the lake and mountains.

Hot Springs at the Batur Lake 

Since the journey back went through the forest we asked our driver to stop by a coffee plantation which was my dream. There are many coffee plantations in Bali. Our driver took us to a very nice place in the middle of forest. They plant not only different types of coffee (the finest speciality is the luwak = civet coffee), but also tea, spices and fruit. You do not pay the entrance fee and you can even taste coffee and tea for free. Only, if you want to taste luwaka coffee, you pay 50 YRD.

Unfortunately, luwak coffee is mostly business because it is impossible to have so many luwaks in Bali to produce luwak coffee in enough volumes.

Satia Agrowista

Satia Agrowista

Coffee & tea tasting at Satia Agrowista

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