One Night in Tábor


If you have a free weekend, I would recommend you going to Tábor. It is just 1 hour far from Prague by car. The city atmosphere made me feel relaxed after a demanding project at work. 

We came to Tábor in the afternoon when the sun was up and shining. Great! We walked around the Jodrán lake. We wanted to walked along it all but we did not realize how big it is and rather came back the same way. 

After, we hanged around the city streets. Honestly, I was touched by the historical city mood... Narrow streets, old houses and many cosy places to step by. Of course, we also settled to enjoy espresso and something sweet. I ordered beautifully-looking dessert (Belgian chocolate bowl with cottage and raspberry sauce) and glass of wine in the Goldie restaurant which is fine restaurant in Tábor. Expectations were high but reality was so-so. The staff is nice and the offer looks great. Unfortunately, the taste was bit overcomplicated.

Belgian chocolate bowl with cottage and raspberry sauce in Goldie

We visited wellness in our hotel spa and even had massage in the evening. This was a nice surprise because the spa looks amazing and almost nobody was there. That was exactly what I needed!

Jack Salmon in the Palcát hotel

Sunday was a rainy day but we were not discouraged and went for a walk along the Lužnice river. It was great decision because we were surrounded by the forrest and everything was so green. It does not matter which direction you take.  :-) We walked to the north although we wanted to go south to Větrovy to visit the smallest zoo in the Czech republic (do not underestimate... there is even a lion)... But the bridge to Bechyně was under construction. 

The bridge across Lužnice

Lužnice river

Bridge to Bechyně

Lužnice river

Our last eating spot in Tábor was the Tandoor restaurant which was recommend by Foursquare as well as many of my friends. This is a must-do if you are in Tábor because it is a little piece of India in the Czech Republic.

Tandoor - Little India in Tábor

Finally, we landed in Mocca Cafe to have coffee before we headed back to Prague.

Mocca Cafe

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