My Little Plans for Autumn


I am glad the every season is different in the Czech Republic. Each season means something different to me.


It is CULTURE time! I go to theaters, cinemas, concert halls and I enjoy the city atmosphere because Prague is just beautiful. My pace is slower than during my student time but I try to keep one culture activity per month at least. Since I would be still on holidays in September, I am have bought tickets for (every month one event):

  • My Heart Beats to the Rhythm of Swing - I can`t wait to see Igor Orozovič on the stage.
  • The Snow Queen - Finally, I got the tickets for this ballet. I love Prokofiev`s work and this performance promises the classical ballet with great music, dancers and scene.
  • Ondřej B. Gregor (newly named Ondřej Brzobohatý) - Ondřej is a young and fresh Czech musician. I adore him and his work. This concert will be a extraordinary since he is going to play with the orchestra.

Karlín Music Hall

Unforgettable walking in the Czech Paradise 


I usually miss energy and I go to (too many) restaurants and lately even cook & bake. I love walking in the white nature, drinking hot wine/chocolate and going to wellness.

Snowy Prague

My baking efforts

In warmth at home


I start with new energy lots of activities in the nature (go jogging, in-line skating, sun-bathing, walking, having picnics,...).

First trips in spring

Walking in Prague


This season represents mostly holiday for me :-) I read, I have a rest and I practice all kind of sports. And I am mostly out of Prague.

Flying all over the world

Trips.. Guess where? :-)

My first cycling race

Czech sky

Italian sky

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