Summer Holidays in Italy - 2/3: The Best Beach Baia Dei Turchi


The best beach we visited in Italy was Baia Dei Turchi (in English Turkish Bay). It was ca. one-hour ride from Gallipoli. The beach is quite far from the parking place but it is worthy walking there. Take food and drinks with you because facilities are limited at the beach.

There are many small beaches all over the bay and you can choose according to your needs. We walked further (even through the sea) to find the perfect spot. The beach is very unique since the sand is black. I had never seen it before.

The black sandy beach

Baia Dei Turchi

Baia Dei Turchi

Baia Dei Turchi

We visited Otranto after the whole day on the beach. The city is small but with great atmosphere.

Castle and promenade in Otranto

Streets of Otranto

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