Summer Holidays in Italy - 1/3: Gallipoli and Surrounding Beaches


My favorite holiday destination is... ITALY! I have been there several times and I will never get enough. It is because of the atmosphere, people, beauty and of course food & drinks.

Ice-cream in Martucci

From this summer I can add one more reason why I love Italy so much. And it is the beaches!

Although as a kid (as every Czech 90th kid!) was in Bibione and Rimini, I would not recommend going there unless you want to spend your holiday on the overcrowded beaches. Honestly, the atmosphere has lost its magic and I would call it "cheap tourist destination".

That is why I would like to share with you my new beach experience in next three posts. Let`s get started with Gallipoli were we spent a week.

There is a public beach in Gallipoli which is quite OK. We found a nice spot close to Costa Brada Resort. It is almost in the end of the road. There are only few hotels (some in construction) and huge parking place (you get a day ticket so you can easily get back which is cheaper than other parking places in the area). The beach is small but since it is beside a private beach it is not crowded. The water is warm and crystal clear.

Other option is the end of the bay where are two entrances - Lido Punta della Suina and Lido Pizzo. We tried only Lido Punta since the other day the stormy weather had brought grass and waves. However, it was the best experience from Gallipoli if you prefer nature to crowded beaches.

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