The Best Coffee in London


Our return from London was very busy thus I did not have enough time to write down all my impressions from this cosmopolitan city. I would like to kick it off and share with you the tip for the best coffee in London.

We were walking around Covent Garden and enjoying sun and free time as we decided to stop by in a cafe. We found a lovely place in Neal's Yard however it was so crowded that no place was free. But just behind the corner in the Monmouth Street we got lucky and walked into Monmouth Coffee.

Monmouth Coffee

Although the cafe is small, the coffee tastes amazing. We did not sit inside but grabbed espresso to go. And it was the best espresso in the city. There is another cafe in Borough but when we found it on Saturday, the queue was very long. I would recommend going to Covent Garden where the cafe is not so exposed.

Sitting at the bench while enjoying tasty coffee

The best espresso in London / Monmouth Coffee in Covent Carden

Monmouth Coffee in Borough

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