Along One Big Pond


If you are close to Pilsen, head south for a nice walk around a big pond Žinkovy. This exactly we did during the Easter holidays last weekend.

The starting point of the trip is the village named Žinkovy. We followed our journey accourding to the map under:

Explore the map of the trip

From the village centre we took yellow line and walked to Potštejn which used to be a castle in 13th century, however nothing has survived till nowadays. The journey starts in the woods and it is peace for the soul. We did not meet anyone only birds were singing.

 Woods surrounding Potštejn

Walking around Potštejn is like a forest loop. After, we continued along the big Žinkovy pond and we met only few fishermen. The journey is so easy that it is impossible to get lost.

The whole trip is approximately 9 km of easy walking...

Žinkovy Castle

 Žinkovy Pond

  Žinkovy Pond

Other useful tips:
  • After the walk along the Žinkovy pond, we had our lunch in a lovely restaurant Angusfarm Soběsuky which is about 10 minutes driving from Žinkovy. It is better to have reservation since the places are limited. But we were lucky wince we decided last minute. The steak and Easter menu were amazing!
Easter menu in Angusfarm
  • We stayed in the hotel - U zeleného stromu Nepomuk which is a nice place. Room was clean and cosy. Breakfast was basic but as you know we are foodies. :-) They have even own restaurant with a great menu which we highly recommend visiting. We tried their Easter menu for dinner and we were excited.
  • If you have more time, visit Klatovy. It is a small city with rich history. We had a short break in the tea room.
  • There is another angus restaurant in Pilsen. We have visited this place several times usually when we have travelled to Šumava or Mariánské Lázně or Germany. Last visit was a bit disappointing but maybe it was just a bad day. Otherwise we were always satisfied.

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