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Finally, I found time to take down my memories of Malaysia... I spent there three weeks this September and it was one of the best times I have ever had. I write this note briefly since I would like focus on the best places because otherwise it would be so so so long.
This trip was special since we could enjoy not only Malaysia but Dubai and Budapest as well. Our flight was from Budapest because  I found very special offer and in Dubai we got 20 hours extra to connect to next flight. Let the adventure begin...

Less than 24 hours in Budapest

I left Prague 28th August and went the whole day to Budapest by train which was (of course) late... We get to the hostel in the evening... As we found the address, I thought I am mistaken since the venue looked like in reconstruction or even closed. Fortunately, it just form outside and it the rooms were cosy and nice... I can only recommend this hostel named Lavender Cirkus. The staff is friendly and the location is great. We went for a dinner to a nice vegan place (unfortunately, I do not remember the name) and then we walked a bit.
We had only two tasks the next day - have a great brunch and go to the airport to catch our flight to Kuala Lumpur with Emirates. I read lots of reviews about he cafes and I found Cafe Alibi which was even better than I expected.

Extra Brunch in Cafe Alibi

Finally in Kuala Lumpur

We arrived in the afternoon. The KLIA Ekspres took us into the centre... I think that is the best way - cheap, convenient, fast and with WiFi! :-)
We stayed in the Reggae Mansion hostel which is amazing. It is located close to Chinese and Indian part of Kuala Lumpur. Our room was small and without windows but we didn't mind. The hostel offers toast & coffee / tea for breakfast as benefit and the view from the terrace is incredible.

I have lots of friends who visited KL and they shared with me some tips. We walked through the city and stopped at nice shops and restaurants. I was amazed by the Petronas Towers the most. It was quite tricky to find the temples. I am used to searching for hidden big temples but in Malaysia I had to go around several times to find the temple (Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Sin Sze Si Ya Temple) because they are not so big and fancy as their Chinese brothers but they are calm and peaceful inside.
I enjoyed the food very much. It so many possibilities. You can choose from Malay, Chinese and Indian. The best Chinese food in the Petaling and Cetral market or Hakka restaurant. I tasted the best mango lassi in the Betel Leaf restaurant. And for Malay food I can recommend Bijan Bar & Restaurant - it is more expensive and full of expats and tourists but the food is worthy. I tasted roti in Mullberry for the fssrt time and completely fall in love with them. I also found a great place with teh tarik - typical Malay tea with condensed milk.... so so so sweet.
 If you want to have a good cup of coffee, go to Lucy in the sky. It is a lovely place. 

Roti Canai in Mulberry 

 Teh Tarik somewhere in the streets

Our Escape to the Jungle

After 5 days (which is too long for Kuala Lumpur), we flew to Kuala Terengganu to spend few days at the Kenyir Lake which is paradise. I found this place thanks to this video and I can highly recommend it if you want to enjoy calm holidays. We made a trip every day but still we had lots of time to relax. The first day we rented a kayak, the second day we visited the elephant farm, the third day we went on a boat trip to the herbal island and to the waterfall and the last day we went hiking. 
We stayed in the Lake Kenyir Resort and we went to the trips with their local guides who were very so friendly. The resort is nice and the chalets are amazing. The equipment is quite old but we did not look for anything luxurious. The only limit is the food since there is only restaurant in the resort. The food is tasty but the service is quite low... But we did not mind :-) It was holidays so no rush :-)

 Turquoise Water of the Tasik Kenyir

Resort View

Beach, Sun, Sea, Barbeque, ... Beach, Sun, Sea, Barbeque...

From this like we went to Perhetian Islands. We went with Mazlan - private driver who we already ordered to take us from the airport in Kuala Terengannu to Lake. Mazlan was very friendly and reliable. I almost felt sad when he was leaving us in Kuala Besut from where the speed boats take tourists to Perhatian Islands. With Mazlan was everything so easy. He studies what to do and where to go and he helped us a lot. I thing it would be easy to get to Perhetian Island but with him it was supersuper easy. 
The speed boat was great fun (do not be afraid of safety... I had read reviews about poor service and overcrowded boats but we did not experienced it at all). We chose Kecil since it is more for youngsters and we did not visited Besar during our stay so I do not have a comparison. However, Kecil is AMAZING! 
As we arrived to Ombak Resort, I got worried what we would do because from the beginning of our trip we had some plans for every day but in Kecil it was different - just beach. This feeling was gone in few hours.... it is so relaxing place. The next day we went snorkeling but the rest we stayed just at beach and did nothing... just enjoying sun, hot & clean water and great food. There were barbeques every night. Imagine... sunset, sitting at the beach and waiting for fish or shrimps. Perhetians are paradise!

    Coconut every day         &       Wedding @ the beach

Last stop before going back to KL to fly home was Kota Bharu close to the Thai border. We stayed at The Room @ zishi and it was the best choice. The owner was very friendly and the hostel was so nice. It is close to the street market where we tasted local dishes and fruit. Not necessary to mention that I love dragon fruit and I love durian.:-) And I miss the so much in Prague... That's I will go back to Asia ;-)

 Dragon Fruit


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