20 Hours in Dubai... Enough to Be Excited


Our flight with Emirates brought us a great opportunity... We got 20 extra hours in Dubai due to break between our flights. As we landed after 1 p.m., we picked-up our visa. The Smart Gate makes it really easy and quick. After, we checked in our hotel Premiere Inn. We picked it up because of its close location to the airport. Immediately, we went by shuttle to the subway station and headed to the city center.

The Biggest Mall

We got there before 4 p.m. The weather was very hot and we were very hungry after so long flight from Malaysia. Thus we went for late lunch into the Dubai Mall. You could stay a whole week in this mall to get familiar with it owing to its largeness. We were just walking through the mall, window shopping and having rest. We did not resist and bought some little things such as Patchi chocolate - the store is very fancy and the sale staff could speak hours about the chocolate. We saw the waterfall in the mall but we did not go to the aquarium because we were too tired.

 Patchi Chocolate with Endless Flavor Possibilities

Burj Khalifa - Day & Night

Breathtaking Fountain in front of Magnifick Khalifa

At 6 p.m. we went to the fountain and saw its performance of the first time... It was just AMAZING! I stayed there to see it four times... I love is so much!

I saw the opening show Sama Dubai, Enrique Iglesias, Baba Yetu and Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli.

Enjoy watching!

It was pity that we did not manage to visit any of these local markets called souq. They are famous of fabrics, spices etc. and they are very colourful. The visit was too short... Next time I will go wit my girlfriends... to enjoy endless shopping (after winning the jackpot :D).

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