Why I Love Travelling? Simple Answer!


I love travelling! I could say I love it because of:

  1. exploring new places,
  2. taking pictures,
  3. learning new things,
  4. stepping out of the comfort zone (especially when I search in a map!),
  5. relying just on myself (e.g. when I get lost),
  6. planning (which is my obsession),
  7. etc. 

But to be honest, my essential reason for travelling enthusiasm is FOOD! Yes! I travel because I want to taste all the great dishes. Especially sweets are my weakest point! I created a list of my favourite places and my favourite delights.

Aachen - Get gingerbread Aachener Printen and leave them for a few days in the kitchen, they become smoother.
Dresden - Try stollen which is a typical pie served before Xmas in Germany - you can get it in every supermarket for a good price.
Frankfurt - Local speciality is Apfelwein (similar to cider). Go for brunch in Walden!
Kaprun - I can't resist Kaiserschmarrn - a very good source of energy when you spend the whole day snowboard riding.
London - Hm... So many choices! For me the best are fluffy cupcakes from the Borough market.
Milan - Look for a stand with canolli in the streets!
Münster - Find the best cafe with incredible quiches and cakes (try rhubarb!) close to the Dom.
Paris - I have tasted different macarons but the best is chocolate.
Poznan - I cannot resist fab cakes in Cafe Da Vinci.
Prague - Oh, so many cafes! My favourite places are e.g. Bistro8 or Alchymista.
Provance - Be aware, tartelette everywhere! Try lemon which refreshes you.
Pula - I recommend ordering ice cream at Charlie for 2 people.
Turkey - If you like jelly, you will love Turkish delights.
Vienna - Go to the original cafe and have the sacher cake.
Zakynthos - Baklava is very sweet desert full of nuts and honey.

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