Lazy Rainy Days in Autumn


Today is a rainy day! And I enjoy it! I love travelling but sometimes it is a pleasure to stay at home, do "nothing" and relax. Don´t you agree? :-)

I like rainy autumn weekends in the middle of Europe because:

  • I can stay longer in my bed and just flip though magazines I have bought and I haven´t had time to read.
  • I can take my tablet and pin everything I like (Oh! Pinterest has become my obsession last months). 
  • I can watch my favorite movie You´ve Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks from 1998 (btw. I have seen it more than ten times and I still I am very keen if Tom and Meg get together in the end).
  • I can finally finish reading a book from summer holidays.
  • I can drink very sweet fruit or ginger tea with plenty of honey from my grandma.
  • and of course I can plan my trips ;-) But today I did the opposite and recaped my trips and places I had visited recently. I had a look at all amazing pictures I had taken. This recalling always makes me happy and eager to travel more.
Cheers to lazy autumn days and future trips!

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