Spotted on the Map


I have decided to recap my travelling history. I tried to mark all important places to me in the map below.

When I look at my map, I see a great challenge! I would like to cross European borders. There are so many places all over the world, which I would like to visit in future. My alphabetical list would be:

  • Bali - to swim in the crystal clearest ocean
  • Bangkok - to experience a busy Asian city
  • Barcelona - to go through Gaudi museum
  • Copenhagen - to make my child dream true
  • Dubai - to go shopping in the biggest shopping malls
  • Iceland - to see northern lights
  • JAR - to ride elephants
  • Lisboa - to visit a morning fish market
  • Moscow - to skate on the Red Square
  • New York - to walk in Central Park and eat in Serendipity 3
  • Rio de Janeiro - to dance salsa in the streets
  • Rome - to see inception of human culture (and of course gelato!)
  • Shanghai - to explore this Chinese metropolis
  • Sicily - to taste cannoli
  • Tokyo - to try real sushi
And so on...

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